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Children Home

The children is home to 25 children from 4 - 16 years of age. HFN provides each one with a loving home and a hope for the future by offering each one with care, shelter, and education.

The children begin each day with a devotional followed by their daily housework chores. They then settle down to do some homework before they eat breakfast and prepare for school. They are escorted to the nearby school by David's father and usually a volunteer. In the evening, they are picked up from school by David's father. When the children return home, they do more homework and then they have some time to relax and play games before the evening devotional. After devotion, dinner is served and then the children have more free time to relax and play before bedtime.

There is no school on Saturdays so, after the church services and Sunday school, the children have the afternoon free. Volunteers have the opportunity to use this time to take them on an excursion such as going to a museum or the swimming pool or they can run an activity for them, an opportunity to help needy children living in children's home; children who have lost their parents, children who have been abused by their parents, and children whose parents can't provide for their living. These children need love, attention, life skills and education so that they can have successful futures free from poverty and filled with the same opportunities as others


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