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Volunteer's Testimonial

Myself and 4 friends decided to give a week of our lives helping children in Orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal. We joined the charity organisation, IVHQ, and took the 10 hour flight to Nepal. I was at the Himalayan Foundation in Dhapasi.
The Himalayan Foundation is a church, the children pray alongside the pastor and his family. For 5 days I lived and worked with 13 children, helped with homework, enjoyed playtime and took them to school. They were aged between 4 & 14 years old.

We took gifts, clothes donated by friends, toys, colouring books, crayons, pavement chalks, stickers, modelling balloons, various learning books, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners. We made up games, handed out prized stickers if they did their homework. They are very intelligent children that deserve a helping hand in life. They work hard, pray hard and play hard.
They all fight for your attention, but they just need love and cuddles, some attention and help with study. You simply can’t focus on one child, but when you watch, you realise, given a little help, some stand just a little more chance in setting and achieving a goal in life.

The Orphanage is clean, the water is hot and the children are happy, all you can ask for is a smile
If you would like to live with a very hospitable host family and want to help children that are from poor backgrounds, this is the perfect place to give you a challenge whilst giving you an amazing insight into Nepal.
I will cherish this experience and come back to visit in the coming years.
Thank you and Kindest regards
-Helen, UK

In May 2010, I had the most valuable experience working as a volunteer at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage in Nepal. The children of the orphanage filled my heart with happiness and generosity while I had the opportunity to help them with their homework and take them to school every morning. The orphanage is a peaceful place. There is a strong sense of family and lots of respect for the children. The children treat each other as brothers and sisters. They are disciplined, generous, playful, open and very loving. The experience goes beyond any words I can express in this message. I just can say that after being with the loving children from this orphanage my life has changed and my heart has expanded. If you ever want to experience something truly especial do not hesitate to go to Nepal and spend sometime at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage in Nepal.

Evelyn Zapata, from Medellin, Colombia


At the end of my world trip I decided to do some volunteer work. I could stay in the orphanage during my volunteerwork with street children. I was very glad that I could experience 'not feeling like a tourist' for the first time during my world trip. I felt like part of the family and I had even the chance to join the wedding of Davids sister. The children are used to volunteers so it didn't take a long time to become close with them. Also because they speak very good English. Mariya and Rama, two sisters, take care of all the children. They do their very best and make you feel like home. The structure of the orphanage is based on Christianity and praying is a very important part of the live of the family. Besides praying, homework has also a high priority. The children and the family appreciate very much if you assist the children with that. After making homework and in the weekends there is time to play. When you have the idea to change things, you will be disapointed. When you can adapt yourself and put your own values and norms asight, you will have a great time. I want to thank the family for giving me this unforgettable experience.

Femke Schoenmaekers, Netherland

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