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Volunteer's Testimonial

It was only a week we spent in Nepal but it was like we had spent a year already there, which was a very fruitful period and experience. When we left Nepal, we felt so sad and we thought that the expensive air tickets we spent for only one week were so worthwhile because we had many wonderful moments in the orphanage home that we stayed in Nepal.
On the first day of arrival of the orphanage home, we were guided by another volunteer of the house, who is come from Israel. She introduced the home members for us nicely. They all welcomed us with great smiles. Although it was hard for us to remember all children's names, we tried to write them down so that it would be easier or us to remember. The first impression of the kids for us was that they are so cute, lovely, smart and decent. They were so obedient and they always wore sweet smiles on their faces. We were so happy to meet them.
In the later days, we taught the kids once for English. We read story book for them and we played a game that asking the kids to write the most animal names in English. It was so surprising that they wrote 100. Even for me, I think I can't write up so many, but the kids were so talented that they could do it.
Moreover, we painted with the children one morning. They were so happy that they have choices to choose their favorite colors and pictures to paint. They were like a professional painters!! They made the pictures so colourful! Also they brought up our life so many colours too! Thanks to them!
Another I remember most was that we brought the children to schools one morning. They held our hands warmly and it was like they were our children actually. And I saw their happy smiles when going to school. We said goodbye to them and we promised to pick them up when they were off school. Therefore, later again, we picked up them from school and we took some beautiful pictures from them. That day they gave us good news, which was that they got new books from teachers! They all wore exciting and happy faces. Then we helped them wrapping their new books with newspaper. This was our first time wrapping so many books at a time, which was so interesting to us. After that we taught some kids to do some homework. They were mainly English and mathematics. We enjoyed much teaching them. They were all so smart and hardworking. Some kids were so talented that they could learn guitar very quickly. If they were given more resources, we believed that they would have shown more potentials and it would pretty much like they would succeed in the future. And they also behaved very well like helping the home going out to get tap water, which was very heavy for the kids.
In addition, we played many children games with the kids. We taught them some new games like king queen paper scissors rock, black magic, the leader game, guess who, 123 traffic light, some magic, etc. We enjoyed playing with them so much. Sometimes the kids would make you keep laughing because of their funny behaviors and playful jokes. They were so sweet as well. The kids there were different from Hong Kong. They treasured much their time in anything. For example, they were happy so much when they heard that they could go swimming. Every kid enjoyed so much that day, as well as the adults! Not like the children in Hong Kong, happiness is not easy to get really. For the Nepal people, happiness could be so simple. I really like this simple character, which inspired me that I should treasure the time with my loved ones more like family, friends, etc.
Furthermore, we showed the kids of Hong Kong pictures one afternoon and we let them know more about our city. The kids were so curious about our life in Hong Kong and it was like a cultural exchange at that time. It was good that we could share our feelings and previous experiences to them in that platform.
The last but not least unforgettable experiences to us was the church experiences. Before the trip, we didn't expect that there were Christians in Nepal because there are mainly Hindus and buddhists in Nepal. We were so happy that we could have bible reading and prayed together every day. It was a peaceful and warm Easter. We did thank god for the wonderful arrangement for us.

..... Vanice Chan and Franko Tsang , Hong Kong

I throughly enjoyed my time at the Himalayan foundation Orphanage. Living there was like living in a big family and everyone was so welcoming to me that I felt at home from the moment I got there. The children are so much fun and so loving that you make a connection with them in the first few days of being there and they continued to entertain me throughout my stay. As such a big part of the Christian community I also got to meet plenty of the neighbours from Dhapasi which added to the experience and made me feel part of the village. I was only there for a month and wished I could have spent more time there because the time flies bye so quickly and I made such strong relationships that I didn't want to leave but I'm so glad to have had the experience and will definately do something like it again.

......Oliviya, UK


I volunteered at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage for one week in November 2009. It was a wonderful experience, the children were so funny and happy, I helped them with their homework after school and played games with them in the evenings. Another volunteer and I shared a very nice room with an en-suite at the orphanage. The family that run the orphanage were very welcoming and friendly and made me feel at home.

..... Joe Walsh, Iceland

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